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NOVA is a multi-disciplinary design studio based in Killarney, County Kerry, operating in the fields of contemporary architecture, landscape design and urban planning.

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About Nova Architects

NOVA is a multi-disciplinary design studio based in Killarney, County Kerry, operating in the fields of contemporary architecture, landscape design and urban planning.

Nova Services

We offer a full range of architecture, landscape design and urban planning services and can tailor our expertise to suit large or small budgets.

How Nova can help you

We work with a diverse range of project types and private, public and third sector clients, at a wide range of scales – landscape, urban, building to small spaces. We work with both large and small teams of consultants and contractors, and can help our clients to establish the ideal team to suit their needs.

Our services cover the entire spectrum of design, from concept through to construction and occupation. New buildings, urban spaces and gardens.

We also specialise in securing planning permissions for unprecedented and quite exceptional projects and sensitive sites. Strategies for renewal typically include refurbishment and renovation. We look to maximise the latent potential in any found condition.

List of Services

Architectural Design

New Build / Renovation / Refurbishment - All topologies, Design Consultancy.

Landscape Architecture

Urban Design / Master Planning / Public Space Creation / Garden Design / Outdoor Areas.

Urban Planning Services

Planning Permission / Planning Consultancy / Planning Issues.

Our Work

We invite you to look through our portfolio of projects and get in touch if you have any questions.

Stook-Island, Glenbeigh

The 2 acre site is situated on the coast of the Iveragh Peninsula in rural County Kerry enjoying panoramic views of Castlemaine Harbour. The existing house was constructed in 1976 primarily for use as a summer residence. Making the most of the natural setting, the original landscape layout has been completely redesigned adding new spaces and circulation routes for contemporary outdoor living, maximising views and prospects, enhancing connectivity to embrace the wider landscape.

A carefully selected handful of rustic materials and a varied selection of native plants and wildflowers create an effective continuum of manmade and natural, historic and new, dwelling and landscape. Our design process strove to enhance the existing biodiversity, flora and fauna and the simplicity of the property’s historical architecture. A derelict vernacular cottage (c.1850) previously obscured in the under growth it has been transformed into a garden pavilion.

With restrained gestures and materials, we were able to enhance the original designs intent and extend its spirit to several new outdoor spaces for entertaining and relaxation. Our goal was to improve upon the almost humble qualities of the site, not overshadow it. In doing so we were able to subtly emphasize numerous natural features of the very landscape that the house had been designed to enjoy.

Project Type: Residential Landscape Design
Client: Private
Location: Iveragh Peninsula, Co. Kerry
Size: 2 Acres
Status: On-going

Market Hall, Ry, Denmark

The Market Hall known as a ‘Torvehallen’ was part of a redesign of an entire central town square in Ry, Denmark. It functions as a covered space and flexible shelter from the elements for a range of activities: a market place, informal concerts, a children’s play area as well as a central gathering place. The building serves as a focal point in a public space formally lacking a strong sense of identity.

The archetypal longhouse mirrors a traditional Scandinavian building form known as a ‘Torvehallen. It comprises of a longhouse with open ended gables. It is discreet and simple, yet has a strong presence due to its height, restrained lines and archetypal form. The load-bearing construction is made from Douglas Pine. The structure appears complex at first sight but is based on a repetitive concept with simple joints, providing structural stability. The transparent construction resembles a forest canopy, the tree trunks and the crowns of trees. In the sunshine it creates a beautiful interplay of shadows, when darkness falls; the wooden construction is illuminated adding a welcoming glow to the entire urban space.

The second stage of the project will see the addition of two more modules and a small café, the gables will be enclosed with glass. The structure will be updated to include large glass sliding doors along its front facing facade, to be left opened or closed as required - for further flexibility and all-year around use.

Project Type: Cultural
Client: Ry, Kommune
Location: Ry, Denmark
Size: 150 m2/ 200m2
Status: First Phase Completed 2017/ Second Phase Completed 2021

Ry, Folk school, Denmark

Our brief was to design a new school building along the main street in the village of Ry as a replacement for a structure that had fallen into a state of disrepair. The concept of creating a dynamic planar roof arose out of a need to seamlessly reconnect the adjoining gables of the older school buildings either side of the scheme which varied in height and width. The folding roof design contributes to a patchwork of forms of varying shapes and styles that compose the street façade.

The new building functions as a contemporary teaching environment. 3-storeys’ in height, it comprises a large storage basement, ground floor music studios and includes a large contiguous area over the 1st and 2nd floors intended for social gatherings, informal teaching areas, a library, as well as exhibition spaces. The flexibility of the open plan permits a diverse range of user programs. The foyer is served by a sculptural staircase clad in birch plywood. Birchwood ceiling slats and plywood rendered walls form an important acoustic element in the lower part of the foyer, which serves as an informal gathering point.

The scheme respects the context and the adjacent buildings use of traditional materials. This informed the use of redbrick along its facades.Horizontal wooden slats known as ‘brise soleil’ deflect direct sunlight and lend depth and texture to the facades of the buildings upper floors. The folding roof is clad in gray natural slate. Distinctive angled oxidized oak and steel load bearing columns support the overhanging roof structure.

Project Type: Education
Client: Ry Højskole
Location: Ry, Denmark
Size: 345 m2
Status: Completed 2019

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